August: Bright Light? Less Light?

31 July 2018. This article explores the deceitful play of light and dark in the month of August. Written for Natural Awakenings New Haven & Middlesex. Jul 31, 2018

Liberating the Notion of Scarcity

May 17, 2014. I’ve given more than I thought I should, even when I literally haven’t had it to give. I’ve done it because giving feels good and because it is simply fun to partake in the idea of a plenty-party. Read more. May 17, 2014

Seeing God at the DMV.

September 29, 2013. On seeing the Divine in unsuspected places. Sep 29, 2013

The Harvest Time Of Our Hearts

What if our work is to manifest our absolute potential, the full “harvest” of our hearts that was buried in the unconscious so long ago like that golden disc of wisdom? Read More. Sep 26, 2012

Was That the Ego Rights Amendment?

2012. Why the ego is a necessary part of life. Sep 19, 2012

Yogi and Shaman Dance in the Fire: How Yoga Brought Me Home

2012. A look into the connection of physical and metaphysical fire. May 19, 2012

2012: The End of Time?

2012. An article offering a twist on the 2012 end-times prophecies. Read more. Mar 2, 2012