What Weighs Us Down Can Lighten Us Up

30 Dec 2020. At the turn of the new year, a lot of media attention is directed at replacing habits that drag us down or getting rid of unwanted pounds. Why is it that so much of our awareness becomes centered on losing something in favor of gaining something else? Written for Natural Nutmeg. Dec 30, 2020

2020 Hindsight as Foresight

30 Nov 2020. I can’t remember how far back our family adopted the old British tradition of opening Christmas crackers when sitting down for our holiday meal. The festive poppers usually contain a colored tissue-paper crown and a small toy and are sold in novelty stores. In spite of the fact that the kids are now adults, we still eat wearing these silly regal hats every year. Written for Natural Nutmeg. Nov 30, 2020

There is No Dark, Only Less Light

30 Oct 2020. Darkness grows as it heads toward the threshold of winter and 2020 continues to give us cause to wistfully look back to a time when life was a whole lot “lighter.” I’m reminded of a half-dozen autumns ago when I met Don Mariano Quispe Flores, a Peruvian healer and elder wisdom teacher. Our paths crossed during a rare visit to the U.S. from his village home high in the Andes. Written for Natural Nutmeg. Oct 30, 2020

Sh*t Happens: Paradox, Perspective and Healing

30 Sep 2020. When a client, an artist, came to me suffering from PTSD after a terrible car accident, his life was shattered. To make matters worse, the experience provoked earlier traumas to rise back to the surface to the extent that all the ordeals merged into one solid state of suffering. No amount of talking about it was going to reorder his world or help him forget what happened. No amount of relaxation technique would enable him to let it go. Written for Natural Nutmeg. Sep 30, 2020

What the Autumn Equinox Teaches Us About Love

26 Aug 2020. Since the autumn equinox is the time of equal day and night, it’s easy to assume its connection to love is that it’s a 50/50 deal. You do your part, I’ll do mine. We’ll get love right if we meet eachother’s needs equally. But that’s the human world’s definition, not nature’s. The human world has groomed us to be concerned with managing risk and jockeying for advantage, and calling it love. Written for Natural Nutmeg. Aug 26, 2020

The Garden: We’re in It Together

30 June 2020. Find a partner,” one of the facilitators said. “When you do, draw an invisible line between the two of you and each take a turn trying to get the other to cross over to your side.” This was the icebreaker exercise that introduced a forty-hour mediation and conflict-resolution certificate training sponsored by the law school of the university near where I live. Written for Natural Nutmeg. Jun 30, 2020

COVID-19 – Betrayal and the Butterflies of Spring

30 April 2020. A virus, treachery, and insects with brightly colored wings—a highly unlikely threesome. When a pandemic escapes from Pandora’s box and changes the face of our world seemingly overnight, anything we think is disconnected is quickly negated. Written for Natural Nutmeg. Apr 30, 2020

Inner and Outer Climate Change: A Creative Response

13 March 2020. In spite of our human longing for a better future, change doesn’t happen easily, even in the face of dire threat. Perhaps that’s why New Year diet resolutions and the ten-year goals set by the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity mostly go unmet. Written for Natural Nutmeg. Mar 31, 2020

August: Bright Light? Less Light?

31 July 2018. This article explores the deceitful play of light and dark in the month of August. Written for Natural Awakenings New Haven & Middlesex. Jul 31, 2018

Liberating the Notion of Scarcity

17 May 2014. I’ve given more than I thought I should, even when I literally haven’t had it to give. I’ve done it because giving feels good and because it is simply fun to partake in the idea of a plenty-party. May 17, 2014

Seeing God at the DMV.

29 Sep 2013. On seeing the Divine in unsuspected places. Sep 29, 2013

The Harvest Time Of Our Hearts

26 Sep 2012. What if our work is to manifest our absolute potential, the full “harvest” of our hearts that was buried in the unconscious so long ago like that golden disc of wisdom? Sep 26, 2012

Was That the Ego Rights Amendment?

19 Sep 2012. Why the ego is a necessary part of life. Sep 19, 2012

Yogi and Shaman Dance in the Fire: How Yoga Brought Me Home

19 May 2012. A look into the connection of physical and metaphysical fire. May 19, 2012

2012: The End of Time?

2 Mar 2012. An article offering a twist on the 2012 end-times prophecies. Mar 2, 2012