Growing Contribution

Self and Spirit in Service
A Year-Long “Lab for Life”

Growing Contribution is an individually rooted, community supported exploration. It provides an intensive focus for partnering with the spirit and mystery of life (however you identify it) and aligning with the light and wisdom of the seasonal turns of nature. 

This “lab for life” provides a space to dig into and reach beyond stories of personal success or failure, beliefs about healing or harm, and prized dreams or expectations set for yourself or adopted from others. 

It provides passage to a co-creative ground where uncertainty is the passport and the spirit of the unimaginable is your partner. Through this fundamental connection a fuller presence grows, enhancing the contributions that extend from you to serve the unfolding future–in small and large ways and in ordinary and extraordinary moments.

Offering #1 ~ Begins Week of Sep 20, 2021 ~ Max 9 participants for this offering

One year of weekly self-study (short video/audio material combined with “workbook” exercises/reflections that travel with the energy of all seasonal turns and midpoints). Accessible through passworded website portal. 
Your time commitment: half hour to one hour per week

One year of individual nature based “coaching” for integration of self-study material and what’s happening in your life.
Your time commitment: choice of weekly half-hour sessions (46 scheduled, 6 skips) OR biweekly one hour sessions (23 scheduled, 3 skips).

Suggested Donation: $198/month with 12 month commitment; $ 2,100 single payment

Offering #2 ~ Begins Sep 17, 2021 ~ Max 9 participants for this offering, only 3 spots remain

Weekly self study same as above

Individual nature based “coaching” weekly or biweekly frequency as above but for autumn and winter segments only. Spring and summer segments shift focus to community based support agreed upon by the in-person group of nine.

In-person community gatherings:  All meetings held Fri 7-9pm and Sat 9-4pm Fri agenda: Check-in, preparation of offerings, fire ceremony Sat agenda: Open format TBD using elements from prior evening check-in, what is presenting in the global collective, what emerges through inspiration of nine participants.
Your time commitment – Sept 17&18, Oct 29&30, Dec 17&18, Feb 4&5, Mar 18&19, Apr 29&30, Jun 17&18, Jul 29&30, times as above.   

Suggested Donation: $250/month with 12 month commitment; $ 2,750 single payment                      

Bring your questions to or register at (203) 444-4424,
or Contact Us here.

This offering is a fit if you…

  • are hearing a call or have been resisting one
  • feel ready to have your attachments and biases challenged (not eliminated) to make way for emerging perspectives
  • know you can’t do the work alone
  • want to make really big small changes that will shift reality as you know it AND lessen the enchantment of (but not eliminate) BIG expectations and dreams that can sometimes hijack us from the fertile ground of what’s already present
  • are creative and curious
  • are ready to grow your contribution and let mystery be in charge

What does suggested donation mean?

It’s a relative guide based on my past fee structure and number of hours of service anticipated. It’s suggested as a donation because Growing Contribution will echo back to me in ways I can’t see or predict. If I set a straight fee for this offering I worry that it may be inaccessible for you. It’s my job, my dharma and privilege to offer this work. I’ve decided with this offering to let go and let mystery do my bookkeeping!

Your work is to determine what works for you. Be guided by an honest self-evaluation of your means and a conversation with mystery as you relate to it.

If you’ve got nothing to donate other than a big heart and a readiness to get to work on behalf of yourself and the planet AND are willing to give evidence of the ripple from your efforts, well then (gulp, as I’m still learning let too), it’s free.