Living Source Leadership Program

Newborn Consciousness
Shock and Awe: Emergence into the Bright

Budding Consciousness
Rebellion: The Unconditional Love that Breaks False Conditioning

Blossoming Consciousness
The Awakened Senses of the Seer: Traveling the Pathways of Remembering

What is it like when the lights go on? What is life like when we remember the connection of Source in all aspects of the world around us? What happens when we forget that connection? What if we don’t like what we see? How does Source live in our feelings that may crave change or want to fight or flee?

These three segments interrelate and focus on the practice of inclusive presence when encountering challenging feelings and circumstances inside and around us. As a series they introduce us to the art of unfolding, where responses and reactions grow effortlessly with the nourishment of consciousness.