Magic in Plain Sight

Released September 21, 2017 by Aldebaran Press

Magic in Plain Sight isn’t a book about magic, but it is a magic book.

Designed as a guide to revealing the power and possibility in what’s present, Magic in Plain Sight offers an alternative to the common approaches used for healing or transformation: If I could only break free from this (bad thing) that’s happening, I could create more of that (good thing) I want to happen. 

Instead, this book encourages you to discover and explore the vital and perhaps long-overlooked elements already contained in the stories you live and tell, allowing a new experience to unfold.

In this way, the wisdom embedded in these chapters demonstrates how to change everything by changing nothing—except your perspective.

Magic in Plain Sight also invites you—by implication—to become your own magician. By the time you reach the last page, you’ll be better equipped to perform some of life’s most valuable magic tricks: expressing fully, loving boldly, and partnering co-creatively in the wild ride of a rapidly changing world.