Some have described the stages of spiritual development in this way: First, we encounter the Source (God, Goddess, All, the Universe, and many other names) as separate and outside of us, then later as a presence which dwells within us, and finally Source as us, the embodiment of consciousness and unconscious mystery living in ordinary ways in the world.

This latter identification is experienced most frequently as a glimpse rather than as a sustained state. In this program we open ourselves to what is available to us through all three stages, exploring the progression from external Source to the integration of the unseen and back in order that this eye, this sense of identification with All, can behold the world.

While this program is open to all who are drawn, it’s content might best be appreciated by clergy, individuals drawn to deeper forms of spiritual practice, those who have completed the Living Magic series and those who have some prior experience in creating and leading ceremony for themselves or others.

Like all Living Source offerings, Sourcery is experiential and draws upon elements of journey, individual reflection, creative expression, sacred play, and small and large group work as a means to open the way for what comes.


“This was a potent experience. What a re-sourcing of the heart. Imaginative, playful…and in a way that was not asking me to change anything, but to include everything!"
D.T. – film producer, yoga and meditation teacher

I left this program with the awareness that all experiences and relationships are designed to assist us in our personal spiritual evolution. I have a renewed sense of presence, sovereignty and empowerment to bring back to my personal and professional life."
            C.S. – Unitarian Universalist minister

“I became We Me"
            C.L. – Equine communicator and educator, Reiki practitioner