The Living Magic Program

Beauty in all expressions of light, inside and out!

This is a unique two part series that is shaped by the contribution of each person present.
Here is the basic anatomy beneath what fleshes out:

In Part One, In the Dark, we create fertile ground for life by exploring our roots: uncovering beauty in the stories of what we have judged, shunned, or simply forgotten. We explore the “invisible” support of our personal ancestors, and pivotal stories in human history. 

We touch into unity and connectedness with all of creation through our senses.

We explore mystery and its role as the great fertilizer of possibilities.

In Part Two, In the Light, we dig a path for what comes forward into the light of our day-to-day experience; for what is brought in bud, blossom and fruit as our personal offering to the world.

We explore the hazards of being blinded by the light.

We touch into unity and connectedness with all of creation through the elements.

We learn to lead in the light and be led by a trust and confidence of what can’t be
predicted or planned for; what allows us to live larger than our own will can see.

In both programs we cultivate a new understanding of what it means to live in an ecology of wholeness. We work individually and co-creatively in pairs, and as a group. 

This program is difficult to put into words because it is created new each time it is offered, and is dissolved with each finish. It can’t be replicated. It is fresh every time. That is it’s signature. It is the magic in Living Magic!

Come find out for yourself; come find yourself in it.


Program hours: Fri. 3-9 p.m., Sat. 9-9 p.m., Sun. 9-2 p.m.

Program Cost: $795 for two-part series; 12-month financing available at $79/month.

To Register: call Living Source LLC office at (203) 444-4424.