The Living Source Leadership Program provides a personal and community opportunity to align our experience with a mostly forgotten truth: that deep at our root, an all-encompassing Source operates through us, around us and as us. Like a web, it connects everything across time, even what appears to be polar opposite.

Living Source Leadership supports us to remember our connection to everything, and brings us closer to recognizing our unique and individuated place in its infinite, diverse expression.

The Living Source Leadership Program provides a home for this exploration, a place to go deep for life!


While open to all, Living Source Leadership may be particularly attractive to:

  • Leaders of all kinds seeking a fresh perspective
  • Educators, therapists, family members, those with personal and professional interests in health and healing, change facilitators, mediators, community representatives, artists, clergy, political and social activists  
  • Individuals who are interested in cultivating a self-referencing and wholistic, nature-based awareness
  • Individuals interested in how to live and work with paradox
  • Individuals who are eager to explore beyond a wrong doing and right doing framework and have support for this practice in the world
  • Individuals who are exhausted by seeking to “become” someone other than who they already are, or by continuing to wish the world and other people around them will change


The Living Source Leadership Program is a series of seven experiential workshops designed to offer participants a dip into deep water, recognizing that each segment could occupy a lifetime of study and practice.

The program meets its participants where they are and recognizes that any change of perspective we make, or action we take, however big or small, creates a ripple effect.

The Living Source Leadership experience is designed as a full arc of learning supported by nature’s seasonal beginnings and midpoints. Any of the first four segments may be taken individually as a powerful stand-alone opportunity.

Segments include a combination of elements:

  • inquiry into ancient traditions and diverse wisdom streams
  • lessons from nature
  • creative exercises, self-reflection, group discussion
  • supported practice
  • surprises that can’t be planned for!  

Each segment is held Friday, 5-9pm and Saturday 9-6pm.

The first weekend (Sep 20, 21) begins at 3pm and includes a program overview. The final segment (June 19, 20) extends to 9pm for a final ceremony and celebration.

A group conference call check-in (recorded) will take place at the midpoint between segments. Time and date will be determined at the close of each weekend. 

Two, hour-long, one-on-one integration conversations with program facilitators are available for each participant and may be used at any time during the course of the program.



108 Contact Hours:

  • 97 classroom
  • 6 one-and-a-half hour conference calls
  • 2 one-hour personal integration sessions

Prepay in Full: $1,450


Monthly payment plan: $350 at time of registration then $75/month for 18 months on auto withdrawal.


Per segment (first four segments only): $250

Full and partial scholarships are available for this program for those who find cost prohibitive.

Call (203) 444-4424 to register and inquire about the scholarship application process.

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