Rebirth: Shock & Awe of Merging to Light

Living Source Leadership Training Program
Mar 20th and 21st 2020
Rebirth: Shock & Awe of Merging to Light

What is it like when the lights go on? Do we find ourselves in shock or in awe?

Imagine what a newborn child physically experiences as s(he) leaves the sense of unity and comfort of the mother’s womb and makes the harsh adjustment to what is bright and seemingly separate.

All kinds of births can be a doorway of forgetting, where the shock of physical disconnection unfolds an experience of a divisive world.

On the other hand, what if we are able to retain our memory of connectedness in the light and experience awe in all kinds of fresh beginnings? What would it be like to nurture this consciousness? To hold it and be held by it?

In this segment we will explore these two states of being and how they each contribute to unity and individuality in the ecology of consciousness and life.

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