Where seeming opposites play in a symphony of One!

The world within us and outside us can feel fractured or divided in all sorts of convincing ways. Luckily, in life, as well as in magic, things aren’t always as they appear! Living Magic is an intensive two-part program that offers participants a co-creative experience of individual and collective “healing,” defined as a reconnection to unremembered wholeness.

Part One: The Dark (dimmer light) explores the “invisible” world. Like the plant that dies back to the earth in autumn to reunite with its origins, this program invites participants to create fertile ground for life through:

  • Discovering the value and beauty hiding in a key personal story held in rejection or judgement;

  • Acknowledging and celebrating the invisible roots of our human-origin stories and ancestral history;

  • Experiencing the reach into Oneness that can never be fully attained while in a physical form, but can be approached;

  • Listening into the dark for the echo of our original instructions.


Part Two: The Light (brighter light) explores the “visible” world, the one we see around us. Like the plant that rises from the earth, this program invites participants to create and express themselves as the beauty of life by:

  • Delivering the memory of Oneness to life in the world around us;

  • Bringing our original instructions to bloom;

  • Experiencing the value of our distinctive and apparent “separateness” as an extraordinary expression of the Whole;

  • Distributing the fruits of the harvest of ourselves to the world.


Both programs tap the creativity of the participants, explore the power of shifting perspective and the wisdom of the natural world, and engage sacred play and timeless healing practices, to lay the foundation for a life filled with living magic.

Program hours: Fri. 3-9 p.m., Sat. 9-9 p.m., Sun. 9-2 p.m.

Program Cost: $795 for two-part series; 12-month financing available at $79/month.

To Register: call Living Source office at (203) 444-4424.