The Path Home

“I have inside me the winds, the deserts, the oceans, the stars, and everything created in the universe…we have the same soul.”

Paulo Coelho, author, The Alchemist

Living Source is living wholeness, and the experience of its echo all around us.

Healing is the journey to reclaim that wholeness, ever-present beneath the appearance of brokenness. When healing returns us to the Source, our inclusive Core, a fresh expression of life unfolds.

Our clients are individuals and couples who long for change. Some arrive in crisis, others out of curiosity. They come to shift the condition of their health, to improve the quality of their relationships, to heal from a perceived wound, or to expand their personal or professional contributions to the world.

Through private sessions and introductory and intensive programs, we provide our clients with a unique kind of presence that supports them to harness their seeking to go inward, to discover what lies behind their stories of hardship, lifelessness, or lack. There, they can encounter what’s been rejected and preserved in the dark and discover it as gold.  

We likewise support our clients in becoming aware of any blindness in the stories they believe about themselves and others, about what lies behind doors closed off by habit, certainty, or even hard-won mastery. Healing brings together what has been divided: the dark from the light, the outside from the inside.

An experience of Living Source is the result.

The support and education we offer is born from a depth of attention to the intelligence of the natural world and its connection to the human experience. It arises from a deep trust of the Source of everything, a mystery we can never fully know or completely understand, but are willing to engage.

Living Source is also a place and a limited liability company. We have an office location in Woodbridge, Connecticut, U.S., and a non-local presence internationally via telephone, FaceTime, and Skype.