Living Source Sanctuary A Space and Place for Listening


For more than twenty years, Pat Heavren has provided a space for listening to people’s life stories. She often hears what others miss or dismiss, unfolding fresh perspectives that lead to creative change. Through telephone and in-person appointments, Pat works in partnership with individuals and couples in all stages of struggle and resilience. She does not offer readings, advice, coaching or counsel for others to follow. Rather, Pat endeavors to be a listening presence of the Mystery of Life through experience and conversation.

Pat’s attentive listening began when she was diagnosed at three years old as totally deaf in her right ear. This loss naturally adapted and expanded her other senses, and over time became a gain that helped her develop a unique sensitivity to the unspoken within spoken stories. This, coupled with depth studies in the field of consciousness and healing, later attracted professional opportunities for Pat to mentor, teach, and lead programs and retreats across the US as well as in Canada, Central and South America.

She finds joy in creating beautiful spaces and in teaching others Perceptual Flexibility, a powerful, creative tool that builds our capacity to flourish in response to what life brings our way. This art and her ability to Listen for Life is at the heart of her work.

Pat’s most recent projects include the Living Source Sanctuary, a retreat center in the woods of her Southern Connecticut home, and Sounds from the Sanctuary, a virtual place for experiencing the sights and sounds of nature, music, self, soul, spirit, meditation, journeying, poetry, dreaming, reflection and prayer contributed by friends of Living Source llc.

Listen for Life Six Practices for Living an Epic Life (or Just Getting Through the Day)

BE YOURSELF Most of us have strayed from living as we truly are through the influence of harsh judgments, countless distortions of understanding and lifeless habits. Learn to listen for the ORIGINAL you.
USE WHAT YOU HAVE We are the Source’s re-source. So is every “good” and “bad” condition and circumstance within us and around us. In the desert, antidotes are never far from the plants that poison. Poisons themselves can cure. The same is true in every landscape of life. Learn to listen for the wise use of ALL the resources that are present.
EXPLORE WHAT YOU DON’T HAVE Every possibility rises from potential. We may not all board a rocket ship and travel to the stars, but we can journey through the universe of vast imagination and go where no one else dares to go. Learn to listen into emptiness for what may be quietly present. Learn to listen to what’s impossible as being possible in some form.
SHARE WHAT YOU DISCOVER We’re each a single piece to a much larger puzzle. When we withhold our particular piece, consciously or unconsciously, we actually interfere with the collective peace. Sharing includes receiving. Becoming a powerful receiver of Source and expressing it enhances our reciprocity and enriches everyone and everything, including ourselves. Learn to listen for shared connection without losing yourself. Learn to listen as if ALL life depends on it, not just yours.
FORGET WHAT YOU’VE LEARNED Remaining present, yet unattached, to what we think we know and not becoming overly enchanted with our ideas and discoveries: these practices are essential to living a life that isn’t dangerous, dull or dreadfully boring. Listen for what’s fresh.
REMEMBER THE TRUTH If we put these pointers into practice, we have a real shot at living an epic life, as well as making it through the day. Be and see everything in and around you as expressions of the One Living Source in all of its resplendence!